On the set of

Friday was filming day! Two sequences were done within two hours. Funny how it took that much time to film only half of the actual material! Yes, I am a fuzzy director. I like to have tons of raw elements so I have plenty of options to look over as I do the editing.


Here’s a peek of the library scene. Mary is in search for substantial stuff for her project.


The film is yet to be given a title. It basically comprises the first five minutes of the performance. It was sewn up in the likes of my previous work, a short experimental film called, “The Artist” which was used for an Expanded Practice project.


The music section of the library. A really cool place to hang.


As a beginner, I have so much passion and hunger to learn and explore new and established bodies of knowledge in film, acting and music,  intertwined with my own personal creative perspective. While in the heat of high expectation, we are hoping to achieve a more experimental, entertaining and engaging piece of filmic material this time as there are four of us working together and sharing many, wide-ranging views and insights.


We love our practice rooms! They were all vacant during filming day. Thank the heavens!


Plus, I am currently working with three cool, passion-driven and extraordinary female musicians. So I know that what we have right now is something promising.


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