Day 2 on the set

Second day of filming! Happy to say that so far almost 80% of the filmic material is finished and ready to undergo editing. Today, the group also went hard out in planning the next few stages of the overall project–creating, conceptualising, strategising, brainstorming, planning, planning and more planning! So far so good!


Some amount of seriousness is required in this kind of situation. And we all can deliver very well.



However, it is neat to say that these ladies are just nuts! The fun keeps us “alive, awake, alert (and) enthusiastic”! It didn’t feel like we’re working ’cause we’re definitely having lots of fun. Getting ready for another two hours of shooting and many retakes!


Workshop is in less than two weeks so the group is pressured to come up with something really favourable at this stage. And while currently there are too many tasks to accomplish in such short time, everyone is just keen to collaborate and stretch forth his/her most creative prowess to have a shot at success.


A peek of what was captured today. Mary’s probably sick of wearing her “costume”. This is the second Friday she’s worn them.



A peek of the scene in the MIDI Lab. Really, who hasn’t used the MIDIs in his entire music life in the campus?


Another day for filming may be scheduled in the following week. But for the most part of it, right now the group is delving much more into the components of the live performance. Surely again, we definitely  need some kind of divine inspiration to make this stuff work!


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