Film scoring for ‘Aparisyon’

Here’s a work in progress. For my sound comp project that requires us to create and self-direct our own sound composition for screen media, I have decided to use this 2012 Filipino indie movie called ‘Aparisyon’ as my visual material. “Aparisyon” stars Jodi Santamaria, who is most popularly known today for her role as “Maya” in ABS-CBN’s daytime soap opera “Be Careful with My Heart”.

1235414_10200729836503703_858324512_nMaking some last minute changes in the audiovisual sample I was supposed to submit today. This is one of my favourite scenes from the flick.

The interesting story, sound design, and acting prowess of the actors (the list includes Mylene Dizon) plus my love for modern indie films really grabbed my interest and just made me want to manifest my own self, my talent and creativity into the film; and that is by infusing my emotional response to the film by scoring for it. I have so much admiration for the film’s music composer, Teresa Barrozo for sparking off an immensely powerful, compelling, “eargasmic” sound material that perfectly complements the film’s themes of dread, mystery and enormity. Plus the film itself conveys a boatload of sophistication and darkness and mystery that puts the audience in a cerebral zone.

And so, to the best of my ability I have tried to create my own aural elements so much imbued with her sound and style. Regardless if my senior lecturer likes it or not, it doesn’t really matter as long as I am well pleased with it. I just can’t wait till I finish the overall project! It is definitely one of those tasks that really whets my appetite and eagerness to wallow in and get lost in the beauty of filmmaking and film scoring.

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