Rehearsal day

So, what do we plan to do on stage? As I said in my previous posts, the group will be starting to range over the components of the second half of the live performance.

I would break the rule if I stipulate the products of our conceptualisation on this blog. But on the whole, the performance is a combination of the important things we have learned over the years of studying in the university with the intention of even promoting the course.

luvo blog

Luvo sessions during breaks. Believe it or not, it helps us think.

It is scrupulously challenging to come up with a material that is creative, interesting, and clever; a material that also embodies the new knowledge, learnings and expertise we have gained in the three years we were doing the course, in a manner that is engaging and fun to watch. In other words, erratic. At the moment, the team is trying to get rid of the ‘creative mediocrity’ (although the concept of it is truly subjective), and break through the conventions and just be cool on stage.

Our workshop for the project is on next week, along with all the other weighty assessments (I know, how awesome! I am in imminent danger of gaining some weight!). A day will be set for formal rehearsals soon to finalise what we are presenting in the Thursday workshop next week. Just hoping for the best, the most creative, the most artistic!



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