An Africanized Tribal Cover of Frozen’s “Let It Go”

Well, this is just enchanting! I’m amazed by how this huge bunch of people breathed new life to a very popular Disney song. It is very much like Lion King’s tribal music combined with Frozen’s personified visuals. The product is a masterpiece. Bravura!

Valentine’s Day?

Well, yes, it is Valentine’s Day. This day is certainly not for me. But no, I ain’t sad nor bitter over the irrelevance of this occasion in my life ever since I realised what February 14th is for.


Simple Valentine’s day present I gave to my parents wrapped in recycled paper (You wouldn’t wanna know what it was or where it came from), cards are handcrafted (a much better term than ‘recycled card cut-outs’). Personally, I believe that I still can’t afford to have a GF right now, so what the heck.

Still and all, what makes this day special for the love hungry milieu in general would be the treats that pretty much marshal what this day is for: chocolates, sweets, cakes; schmaltzy love songs and tear-jerking romantic movies lovers and the loveless can all relate to. Simply classic. Anyway, I wouldn’t even wanna go to that sphere of things.

On a personal note, I see it as a day to celebrate and reflect on the concept of love. Look, I am not gonna go define what love is, as though I’m a love guru, a preacher or some psychologist. Everyone has his and her definition and interpretation of this emotion and/or phenomenon.

Yet, maybe we can all agree that love is the greatest, most special, most wonderful feeling in the human emotional system. Although, sometimes we will just realise that it can be the hardest task to ever do, or to be good at, or to be consistent with, or perhaps, to give.

But one thing is for sure: We all know love, and can love because He first loved us. That’s what the Bible teaches us as written in 1 John 4. God is the author, the pioneer, the spear-header and the absolute personification of love. We can never fully understand or even practice love if we never try to grasp or think about who He is and how the Lord has lavished His love upon us. And I think that’s the most important thing to do today.

We all heard the Jesus-died-on-the-cross-and-rose-again story, right? Well, that’s a good start. We probably should find a way to acquire more depth or meaning from what that episode is about.

But really, hope we can all take a moment to reflect on God’s love and see how it has unfolded in your personal life. Do not focus on the lack or the absence of the things you wish you have but turn your eyes on the ones you do have. Seek Him, His Word, His righteousness on a daily basis.

Wallow in the richness and the glory of His love, and realise that love is beyond the superficial–beyond the chocolates, the movie dates and all the commercialism. Love comes from God and is defined by God and must be given back to God by serving Him and by loving one another. And, we get to know how to really love because indeed, He first loved and continues to love us.

I might not make sense to some, or you might think that I just fudged this post but the He-first-loved-us bit is truth, it’s inescapable and is not gonna change. It’s in your favour anyway.


This simple sketch is called “Three Cupcakes”, my attempt on mimimal-inspired repeated drawings. You could tell that the caption completely has nothing to do with it. But I think I’ve made a point in the writing bit. Ha-ha!

Michael Christian Martinez: Filipino Figure Skater at the Olympics


Well, looking like he’s having heaps of fun on the ice. Not to mention how much this photo shows great panache and talent beyond reproach. That body language expresses a sense of triumph, relentless confidence and excellent prowess . Michael is certainly making the Philippines proud. He is making history. Photo by Tatyana Zenkovich/EPA

Praying for our very own Michael Christian Martinez, the sole Filipino Olympian to join the Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia. This kid will nail this match. He is tremendously blessed. I declare a blizzard of victory and blessings over his life and career.

Read this article from Rappler, my favourite news network on the net.

One year and counting!

I just realised that my iPad turns one year old today. My ever efficient buddy that made me not need (and/or want) a new, high tech phone, and stay loyal to my raggedy Nokia phone. Besides, no iPhone could ever hold a candle to my indestructible Nokia X5-01. LOL!


Posted this framed picture on my Facebook account on the 5th of Feb, 2013. Well, exactly a year ago. That was the day my brand new iPad mini was delivered to our house. It’s been the most efficient labour-saving device I’ve owned ever since. I’d use it for pretty much everything. Plus, the funny quote engraved at the back could just make your day. Ha-ha!



That’s my indestructible 5yo Nokia X5-01 smartphone. Still working despite some flaws in its functions (e.g., charging, battery, some scratches, etc). I swear, I’d still prefer this to an iPhone or a Samsung device. Nothing beats old-school every so often.