One year and counting!

I just realised that my iPad turns one year old today. My ever efficient buddy that made me not need (and/or want) a new, high tech phone, and stay loyal to my raggedy Nokia phone. Besides, no iPhone could ever hold a candle to my indestructible Nokia X5-01. LOL!


Posted this framed picture on my Facebook account on the 5th of Feb, 2013. Well, exactly a year ago. That was the day my brand new iPad mini was delivered to our house. It’s been the most efficient labour-saving device I’ve owned ever since. I’d use it for pretty much everything. Plus, the funny quote engraved at the back could just make your day. Ha-ha!



That’s my indestructible 5yo Nokia X5-01 smartphone. Still working despite some flaws in its functions (e.g., charging, battery, some scratches, etc). I swear, I’d still prefer this to an iPhone or a Samsung device. Nothing beats old-school every so often.



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