Two months away!

Two months away!

The Carol Banawa show is about two months away! Time is flying like a scorching arrow. And the concert team has started to gear up for the performances and the staging stuff as rehearsals will be starting in a few weeks. Unfortunately, I have missed the production team’s first general meeting because of the unfriendly fatigue-stricken headache I had to endure. But the ball has started rolling and the pieces have started coming together. (I’m not sure if that sentence did justice to those idiomatic expressions.)

So anyway we must all be excited about this and just looking forward to the best! For those of you who are planning to watch, tickets are now available. You can call the numbers on this poster or make your booking via me and I’ll try hard to work it out for you. See you there!


“CAROL BANAWA: Iingatan Ka, Inay” (A Post-Mother’s Day Concert)
23May2014, Friday at the Bowman Hall, Campbell St Blacktown
Doors open at 7pm for 8pm start

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