7 days to the Finale!

Well, as we are all aware, The Tomorrow People is coming near to its season Finale. And it’s one of the series that fans, myself included, are demanding a season 2 for because it’s just plain amazing. I have recently changed my header to celebrate and promote the last episode of this smashing show.


And as I have watched the second last episode of this incredible series, it has really hit me that such an amazing show is finally coming to an end, and as we can expect, it is ending with an earth-shattering explosion, for the lack of words.

And so I’d really want to support the campaign to either renew the series (but they gotta keep the main cast, heavens, please!), or continue on with whatever the would leave it with on the first season (which perhaps, means a longer hide-and-seek journey for the Tomorrow folks, and more twists and turns that presage one hell of a ride for everyone all over again)

As a rule, you can’t please everyone. But this must be done for those who are utterly pleased and who appreciate the entire venture,  and are hungry for more adventurous episodes.

And so to help the fans do that, go to this People’s Choice website and vote for The Tomorrow People to be kept in your TV screens. I don’t know how much of it actually counts but letting all the people out there know that this show is appreciated, enjoyed and loved by many is making a formidable statement that it gotta stay, it gotta survive.