Do You Want To Build… A New Lair?



I know that the world suffers all kinds of problems every single day. And today, for me, it can’t be more sad to try to come to terms with the fact that my only favourite TV series, The Tomorrow People has been cancelled primarily because of the apparently ‘insufficient’ TV ratings, which I just don’t understand because this series is massively, massively incredible.

The fans have fought hard to try to convince whoever needs to be convinced to keep the show and glissade down to a second season—voted in polls, tweeted media bigwigs, campaigned on various social networks and blogs, and consistently watched the few remaining episodes every single night it’s on. I guess it wasn’t enough reason to save our Monday lair. I am just completely devastated.

Just last night, I was contemplating on how the story will flow on the next season. I mean, d’oh, the story is not even finished yet. It was on a roll. What the hell would’ve happened to John and his badass uncle, Jedikiah? How about the whole new Ultra? How did Stephen’s family react on apparently the second death of their dad, Roger? What’s gonna happen to #JASTRID? And #STARA? (Yes, with their respective hashtags. You should visit Twitter a lot more often, folks.)

Dude, they could’ve taken it to places. It could’ve summoned more ingenious breakout stories, double-crossing incidents, chasing scenes and what not.

Anyway, emotional vent hole-ing aside, TTP has been quite a fantastic show. It’s not like it was defeated because the content was pitifully bad, or the audience didn’t appreciate the quality of the craft, nor the great prowess each actor in this show possessed. Not to mention the astounding special effects. Gosh.

I really think that in one way or another, it has triumphed in maybe one of its many objectives, and that is to create a remarkably captivating sci-fi series that will not only capture people’s minds and imaginations (and, all right, hearts, too), but will also leave an ineradicable mark in them. That despite the show’s cancellation and the management’s refusal to renew it, people will still talk about The Tomorrow People, people will continue to relive and reimagine each formidable scene, remember each punch-line and kickass-line, and admire the resilience in the characters of Stephen, Cara, John, Astrid, Russell, the bad guys as headed by Uncle Jed, the Founder and all other artists that are worthy of note and have all made an imperishable mark in our imaginative minds.

I don’t usually fall for fictitious stuff, especially ones that involve science or whatever kind of physics or supernatural. But this one has really made a significant difference. And an unforgettable one, too. I give respect and reverence to all the brilliant writers, producers, the creative minds behind such an extraordinary work. You all did a terrific job!

Having said all that, and I understand the potential reaction to the cheeseballs, I just want to pretty much express my deep admiration, gratefulness and appreciation of the whole TTP venture (and of course, a bit of sadness for yet another end of an amazing ride). Nevertheless, I wish every artist and production member all the best for future endeavours, and many more successes in the industry. You’re all tops! Real tops!


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