Director’s notes

Being with FilOz-Art, I, along with the eleven other kids have obtained some mentoring in the performing arts in the last few months. The whole Wait For It journey all started with a series of acting and improv workshops by the Cruz-Dimaano tandem (AKA the best tandem ever!).

In a way, it kinda works like school just as it feels and looks like an extended home for all of us. And interestingly, every time a term of workshop is finished, the ‘students’ get to do a showcase of everything we learned and discovered and studied. Thus, the Wait For It concert. (Although at first, we did not expect it to be that big. But we’re thankful that it has been).

Along the way, our creative director would release a small piece of writing, or what I’ll probably call a “director’s note.” It works like a “teacher’s remarks” section on the report card for each student that talks about their progress and what not. But for this particular case, it is beyond that. It also entails character analysis, personal reflection, recommendation, appreciation and a whole lot more, all written in a concise and cohesive body of writing.

I was the last person to get my report. I’d like to think that it wasn’t because I was the best nor I didn’t need it. But perhaps, it is because my case was extraspecial, so would be my growth and progress a person, a teacher, a student and a performer.

And so, here’s what came out of my report:

He wanted to challenge himself, he wanted to learn, he wanted to share his musical talent by coaching and nurturing young people. He got that and more.

In this process, he shared his heart and his soul. He not only got the singers to sing better, he also made ALL of the youth discover their voices and instil the belief that they can sing. He is the Kuya who ran, jumped, laughed and squealed with them. He protects them, nurtures them and he fights for them… in a heart beat.

He made himself vulnerable, not only to the group, but to himself. He put these strengths forward, faced his weaknesses, and felt his fears in its true form. It broke him, it shattered his beliefs, destroyed his preconception about life. He went through it all. It was the only way I knew to get him to where he wanted to be.

Out came a person stronger, sure and true to himself and ready to create his own destiny. He starts now.

I could probably say that these lines convey only a glimpse of my learnings and important discoveries and realisations. What my head directors taught me is just priceless–it’s something I’d carry with me everywhere I go. My gratitude is unspeakable, still in awe, still overwhelmed. I’m ready to learn more.

rie manaloto

Rie Manaloto