Thank Yous

This post was originally published on the FilOz-Art Facebook page the day after the concert. I thought I’d share it here as well.



Words are just inadequate to express our joy and gratitude for every single individual who has made this very special event possible and nothing but successful.

The incomparable love and support of our parents and families. The warm support of our friends and loved ones. The invaluable help of our critics. They are massively appreciated. We love and treasure you all!

To our amazing directors, Geraldine and Ferdie, who believed in our abilities and strengths since Day 1, inspired us and helped us accept our faults and weaknesses, and taught us how to rise up and improve ourselves. We know that Thank You is hardly enough. But thanks for making a difference in our lives. We will always remember and treasure the important lessons we got from you.

We’ve only just begun. Wait for it. Wait for more.

Rie Manaloto