The Grounds of Alexandria: not quite a review

Just by looking at this signage, I already knew that I was going to enter something special and out of the ordinary.

The title’s said it. This is not a resto review, or an Urban Spoon entry. I almost did not share this on the Artiste, but because of this place’s “unspeakable wonder”, I thought I’d put something up about it anyway.

Came here on a pretty extraordinary Friday, not to mention it was the first (and maybe the only?) Friday the 13th of the year. I had a very fun and reflective time with a very good friend and Ate, Ate Aileen. We thought we’d call it a “pre-valentines Fri-date”!

You might notice that I did not (or was not able to) take enough photos of the place, simply because I was literally awestruck I was almost gawking the entire time. It’s like everywhere I looked, there’s something flabbergasting to appreciate. Also, I don’t think I can write enough about it so I decided to simply share with you a few photos I took when I was there.

I am so not over this place. I’m definitely coming back.

Rie Manaloto

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