Some more random recordings

In the previous weeks, I’ve been teaching myself to listen to and appreciate more mainstream music. I’m not sure if people know it, but I’m not a huge fan of radio hits. In fact, I don’t listen to the radio at all because a lot of the songs today are not to my personal taste. Some of them are just blatantly egregious, my ears are violated in many instances. It doesn’t mean that I’m belittling or devaluing them. I just don’t like to hear them simply because I can’t identify with them, and they’re not my kind of flavour.

Thank the stars, I think I’ve been successful finding pretty good ones that are pretty much all the rage today, and that suit my liking pretty well at the same time. And out of boredom, I’d record those sections that I like and post them up on my SoundCloud just to keep the account alive and running. I’m just a little nonplussed to be getting plays on a “daily” basis. It is still bewildering and very surprising to know that a few people become curious to listen to them, but I am very appreciative.

And so here are some of the songs I happened to revel in. As you might have known, my SoundCloud holds up the theme, “Bare & Unaccompanied”, so they’re all done in a cappella. I hope I did not butcher them too much.


Find some more tracks on my SoundCloud account here.




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