X is for Dangerous

This is just breathtaking. Two vocal powerhouses from different generations have met on The Voice. But Christina, AKA Queen Xtina or Legendtina (and all that) just knocked me off my feet. Jump onto the second song “Dangerous Woman” to see what I’m talking about.


Original image from Daily Mail Australia

This is Christina’s organic style and feel, the 6/8. This is hers ever since the Stripped era. It took me back to the times when she was singing ‘Walkaway’ and ‘Impossible’ (with Alicia Keys) from that album.

This is her sound. This is when her soul is at its most bare and raw and real. I can’t get over this one.

I’m happy that Christina manages to infuse her vocal prowess and formidable style into this brand new song. Nothing’s changed. She’s still IT.

And by the way, props to the Queen and her team for finally winning in this latest season of the voice! Congratulations to the new winner, Alisan Porter!

Watch the duet here.





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