We remember

Another reflective Semana Santa. Aside from reflecting on the Gospel and the sacrifice of Christ, this season also helps me reconnect with the memories and music of my childhood.

So here’s a homage to my Himig Heswita roots. Their music helped mold my love for music.

Also, because Romans 8:10, “Christ lives within us.”

(Watch in HD)

Lighting is everything

Lighting can make or break you. Apparently.

This was an impromptu “photoshoot” with my brother, Andreo.

Man, I don’t know. But this was interesting.

Also, this was apparently done with low light, and high ISO. Whatever that means.

Rie ManalotoRie ManalotoRie ManalotoRie ManalotoRie ManalotoRie Manaloto

Original photos by Marcus Rivera and Bob Reyes

Rie Manaloto