THE 31-DAY BLOG CHALLENGE Day 1: Self Portrait + 5 Random Facts



The first day asks for a self portrait and five random facts about myself. So, there you go:



You know I’m never a fan of selfie’s so I just sketched a random kid as my self portrait




1.  I love that Farmer’s Best Avocado and Bacon dip you can purchase from Woolies. For some weird reason, it tastes like Jolibee’s Pancit Palabok in creamy dip form. I know, it’s startling. Go try for yourself.




2.  I have a massive collection of eBooks stored in my computer. That huge collection includes: music stuff, music theory, singing, piano playing, self-development books, dummies books, brain science, psychological development, trivia books, popular Christian writers’ books, acting books, English proficiency books, contemporary literature, coffee, chocolate and many more. I could set up a virtual library! I wish I could have the time to read them all.




3.  I have Ailurophilia. Ailurophilia means a strong liking for cats. It’s self-explanatory. That’s my cat, Peping, just chilling with his best friend, the box.



4.  I love Adobo!!! My version of Adobo adds in potatoes, mixed herbs, a bit of honey, tbsp’s of brown sugar, and chicken salt (There are some ingredients that I did not intend to reveal and shall remain shrouded in secrecy within the confines of my kitchen kingdom). I call it an American-ised Adobo. Just cause of the inclusion of the ingredients foreign to the original recipe. Plus, it is always best served either with hard boiled eggs or quail eggs.



5.  I used to write Tagalog poetry when I was still in the Phils. I think I had lost the knack to do it because of the inescapable (although, not absolute) change of culture and environment. I doubt if I was able to keep some of my previous (very amateur but pretty promising) Tagalog writings I penned ages ago.