New skin this year!


OHMYGOSH! Not sure, but I’m so excited to share with you my new header  image, which was drawn from my art book!

This work is entitled “Aftermath”, and it is going to be my blog’s official skin for the year 2016.

Looking forward to an even more productive year on this blog. To some degree, it reached some new heights in 2015, and I know that it can only get better.

Excited for what’s in store this year!



From my vault

I had a quick dig. I was riffling thru my virtual sketchbook, and realised how much stuff I got in there that I haven’t formally shared yet. And so, I got you some of my favourite works–nothing quite stupendous or virtuosic. You know I am not that (or trying to be) in this matter. These stuff fall under my “visual journals” created a couple of years ago. Feel free to leave comments and what not.

Dame by Rie Manaloto, Graphic line art, 2013

“Dame” by Rie Manaloto, Graphic line art, 2013. I remember doing this for Mother’s Day, and hence inspired by my mother. This was also a part of my 21 Project.


Souled by Rie Manaloto, Graphic illustration, 2013

“Souled” by Rie Manaloto, Graphic illustration, 2013. I gotta say that I was obsessed with Yeng Constantino for quite a long time that she was the subject of every single illustration I did. She personally saw and double-clicked this on Instagram when I posted it.


When Her Hair Was Red by Rie Manaloto, Graphic illustration, 2013

“Fiery as Red” by Rie Manaloto, Graphic illustration, 2013. Another Yeng-inspired illustration that was also viewed and double-clicked by Yeng on Instagram. This was also a part of my 21 Project.


Strait-laced by Rie Manaloto, Graphic abstract, 2013

“Strait-laced” by Rie Manaloto, Graphic abstract, 2013. This was a self-portrait, influenced by what I can remember was a very strong feeling of suppression that surfaced during that time.

. .

See my other works here: Canvas and Sketches.


Copyright © 2015 Rie Manaloto. All rights reserved.

I got something to tell you

I’m weird. I guess that’s one fact that not a lot of people know and realise. I actually am.

And fine, I know that that ‘word’ has been overly used, even misused, maybe misrepresented; or perhaps resorted to by people who simply want to be listened to, understood and respected.

Well, I think that word, for the lack of idiosyncratic terminologies, is somewhat enough to depict my nature. I give a nudge to the people who actually know and understand this.

So after that introductory nonsense, you’d be surprised to know that again I’m onto something peculiar, perhaps, for a lot of people.

Tonight, my second night in my new home where everything is still in a state of acquiescent chaos, I was in the middle of putting things back into order—fixing stuff here and there, learning how to be better and smarter every time I’m given a new space to ensconce myself in.

Then, out of the blue, I found my art book, which I purchased back in 2013 to use as a scene prop in a mini film project I did with a colleague about visual artists during my Expanded Practice days. I had to make random, artsy, colourful doodles in the book to make it look like a portfolio, or an ‘art journal’ in the scene. Some looking well thought-of, some really looking erratic. Eventually, I actually used it to create more weird, personal stuff.

And so I had a flip through the book, and found my many random drawings, sketches, unfinished paintings and more weird stuff. It felt good, brought back lots of memories, and retold some cool stories of the past year.

Later during the night, I sat up on my bed, thinking, reflecting. It’s me in my own cerebral mode, which is very normal by the way. I was thinking about heaps of stuff, feeling so many things that my logic couldn’t even explain and synthesise any more because they’re just that overwhelming.

All of a sudden, my eyes were pulled into my art book that was also sitting on my bed with me. And then I thought, wow, okay, I could use this right now.

What happened just got to happen and here I am writing this blog post because I needed to unload some of my thoughts and feelings. If you’re actually reading this right now, thanks.

Look, I’m not an artist nor a painter, but I like to draw. I like to paint. I like the thought of dipping a semi-clean paintbrush into a palette of colours, splodge them on a blank canvas, and paint whatever I want to.

I have no professional training and/or education in visual arts and the like, and I got zero knowledge about the histories, cultures and entities enveloping art.

All I know is that drawing and painting, just like singing, is an effective and liberating way of expressing yourself. And saying what you want to say without the fear of being judged and criticised (maybe sometimes). You just let the colours and the strokes do the talking, and you don’t need to back it up with tons of explanations. The finished picture will justify you and answer for you. And it doesn’t matter if people understand it or accept it. Once the work is done, you’re done talking. You’re done venting.

Venting. That’s it. Call it an artistic venting. “Artistic” because it involves paintbrush and some colouring (?). See, I don’t even know if that’s even politically correct, but that’s how I want it to be. I feel, therefore, I paint. (Wow, that sounds so quotable!)

Now that I think I have somehow made the context clear and established, I am venturing to explore my abilities and natural propensities further through art. I know that sounds like a very worn-out cliché but I really wanna do it with tangible equipment “in the flesh”, and put more “flesh” on my thoughts and ideas. Many of you knew that I’d normally be using a drawing software to create my stuff (Take the 21 project as an example). Now I want it to be more authentic, more real. Literally.

I know it’s nothing really special and spectacular, but I guess it is a “creative” move. I think I’m an artist who is always open, loves to explore and experiment a lot, and loves to try out new things. This is just one of the many.

I just feel like I’m at my most honest and free and when I’m sketching or painting because it’s the emotions and the pictures in my head that drive me. It’s genuine, it’s real. There’s no obstruction, no inhibition, no fear and no prejudice. It’s just a full-on, spontaneous outpouring.

So in the next few months expect my “visual journals”, which are just paintings, drawings and sketches that reflect and convey some significant and interesting issues, impressions, perceptions, stories that are all very personal and impressionistic.

I’m sure a lot of them will come out pretty vague as my main artistic style and language is abstract. But they’re merely expressions, and the people who will care to see it and analyse it are allowed to develop their own feelings and perceptions of the work. Of course, no one could ever understand it the way I do.

There would be times when I wouldn’t even provide a description or explanation of what the work is about. Don’t be bothered. It just means that I don’t need to elaborate.

And so, that’s what this entry is about. I’m pretty excited about this and I can’t wait to share with you a small part of my complex dimension.

So here’s what came out tonight.

By Rie Manaloto

When Colours and Whites Mix by Rie Manaloto. Oil paint on paper.

Rie Manaloto


Copyright © 2015 Rie Manaloto. All rights reserved.

Seeing Australia Day in a Different Light


Land of the Favoured and Free

Happy Australia Day! Today we celebrate our greatness and recognise our common bond and unique diversity down under.

I feel so privileged and blessed to be living in this country, the land of the favoured and free. I am thankful to be living in a country where I can freely express myself, speak out my faith and beliefs.

For the past how many years, Straya has been truly home. It has given me so many opportunities in so many aspects of life. I can’t imagine what I could’ve become if I wasn’t brought here in this land. And it just gratifies me every time I look back and see how far I have come along, how much I have learned, and how fortunate I have really been.

It’s that time of the year when we get to pause for a moment and just reflect on what it means to be living in a land truly abounding in nature’s gifts and beauty rich and rare.

However, today isn’t only about celebrating everything that’s great in Australia and being thankful for the new lease on life. I really believe that it is also the time to emphasise the need for a strong and consistent intercession for Australia and its people for the good of the entire country. We must continue to pray for our government, the Prime Minister, the country’s leaders, lawmakers, peacemakers and all the individuals that run the nation. Let us all pray for wisdom and discernment, for good will, peace, unity and direction amongst all the people in authority.

Let us pray that this country continues to seek God and His will, to love and to serve Him, and to be heading always towards the right direction where He can be found and where His name is glorified.

Let us not stop praying for the military, for the soldiers, the people who guard our borders. Let’s pray for safety and protection in fervent hope that there will no longer be fighting and warfare.

In a place of thankfulness, let us continue to pray for the people, that we will all just live in peace and learn how to love one another and embrace our diversity. May we get to know ourselves more by knowing and focusing on God and His love and always putting Him first in everything.

And for the things that are beyond our control, let us always remember to cast our troubles on God’s shoulders and give Him our earnest faith and trust because He holds everything in His hands and has a plan for everybody. His will and His goodness shall always prevail.

Above all, I wish everyone a God-infused year and a peaceful and prosperous life this 2014! Happy Australia Day, my mates!




Yeng’s Purple Hair

Yeng’s Purple Hair

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