Pia Mia!

Probably the most amusing thing I saw today. It’s been almost three months since Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach was crowned Miss Universe 2015. I guess there is no question why she deserves the crown. Just her fierce stare is menacing enough to sweep everyone off his or her feet. She reigns and she rocks.

Then I came across this video from BuzzFeed Philippines this morning (Everybody loves BuzzFeed). It is the woman making a very popular Filipino delicacy we call Lumpia, which is basically a savoury concoction of minced meat and chopped veggies wrapped in crepe-thin pastry.  On a personal note, I am a fan of this Filipino version of spring rolls (However, I believe it is Chinese by origin, maybe).

The video got over one million views so far. And people seem to have mixed reactions to it (not that I actually care too much).

I’m sure some people would think that this is a bit deglamorising for a “queen”, even egregious. But Miss Universe 2015 seems to be pretty cool with it. All dolled up and “perrdy”, she was clasping and pressing ground meat with bare hands, not even with a pair of gloves or freezer bags (so Pilipino).

I like it when exalted personalities still manage to act normal, act plain human. And Pia Wurtzbach embodies that. Despite the glory and frills of being a “beauty queen”, she knows how to be herself and keep her truth. No make-up, no hairstyle nor dress seemed to have transformed her. She says what she wants and feels. She expresses her honest-to-goodness self without any hesitation or inhibition. She’s just Pia.

I also think it’s also a sign of humility. Pia knows how to acknowledge and recognise her cultural roots and customs. Traditionally, Filipinos eat (and I guess handle food) with their bare hands, but clean hands, of course. And being “Binibining Pilipinas” (Miss Philippines) primarily, even before she took home the ultimate reigning title, she just got to display her being Filipino in the international scene by practicing this century-old tradition. No arte whatsoever. She just got to do it the way it is done. And I think it’s worth noticing.

rie manaloto_Pia wurtzbach

Moreover, she speaks our language, every so often. Being Filipinos, we’re used to speaking bilingually. Oh, trust me. It’s so common kaya, especially these days when people just want to sound sushal (posh), diba? I also noticed the Filipino gay lingo being in use. It’s so very “Pak!

I’m using “I” a lot because these are personal opinions. Now, I might be wrong, I might only be assuming, because it seems to good to be true. But that’s what she emanates. She’s teaching people to become a little more truthful to themselves and to others, and just say what you want to say. As long as it’s said with the right intentions and absolute sincerity, then go for it!