Let me have an I-know-that-person moment.

Let me have an I-know-that-person moment. Incredibly proud of this star on the rise, real newsmaker, Marlisa! This photos was taken in January this year for a charity concert. God bless all your paths! This is just the beginning.





Rie Manaloto Marlisa Punzalan

Michael Christian Martinez: Filipino Figure Skater at the Olympics


Well, looking like he’s having heaps of fun on the ice. Not to mention how much this photo shows great panache and talent beyond reproach. That body language expresses a sense of triumph, relentless confidence and excellent prowess . Michael is certainly making the Philippines proud. He is making history. Photo by Tatyana Zenkovich/EPA

Praying for our very own Michael Christian Martinez, the sole Filipino Olympian to join the Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia. This kid will nail this match. He is tremendously blessed. I declare a blizzard of victory and blessings over his life and career.

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