Wear black and sing!

When you got to perform and unsure of what to wear, just do black! You will never go wrong with black.

During the weekend, our music team at Filozart have participated in the first Philippine Cultural Night at Blacktown.

Rie Manaloto

Rie Manaloto

Rie ManalotoRie Manaloto

We brought in our share of Filipino culture and music through some contemporary songs that tell of our stories and uniqueness.

Rie ManalotoRie ManalotoRie Manaloto

It’s always incredible to sing OPM (Original Pinoy Music). It’s always incredible to sing in your native tongue, and represent your roots, especially its artistry.

Rie Manaloto

Photography by Jade and Michael Cadeliña

Rie Manaloto

Port Stephens Experience Pt. 2

At long last! Here’s the part 2/2 of our Port Stephens vlog posted on Filozart’s Facebook page.

Heads up though, it includes a few scenes and themes that might be too weird or random for a regular person’s perception. Do not be freaked out though, it’s just us.

Rie Manaloto


Port Stephens Experience Pt. 1

Last weekend was absolutely an unforgettable one! Our Filozart family went out on a trip going north. It was a holiday destination called BIG4 Karuah Jetty Holiday Park up in the Port Stephens region.

IMG_7494 (1)




12308335_10153788879131468_6155492333847101533_n (1)

It was a fantastic place to relax. Beautiful environment—very low key and nonchalant. Great cabin accommodation and satisfying facilities. The best part of it for me was just the air—it’s just different, a lot more pacifying. Very mollifying for my current state, really.




IMG_7511 (1)

It’s hard to sum up the fun and the experience. But it is well represented in this vlog, which will come in two parts. (It’s become a habit for us to vlog and document all the pleasure and enjoyment however random it may turn out to be.)

Rie Manaloto


Backstory’s out!

rie manaloto unplugged 1

It’s been a week since the big event. I’m not a huge fan of celebrating anniversaries, commemoration days, and all that (except for Christmas and Easter perhaps). But realising that seven days have already passed since the project, I can’t help but look back on the previous months and everything that took place in those few, strenuous months—the several episodes and stages that the kids and I have to go through so that a musical event will effectively materialise.

(Heads up! This might sound a little too mushy-gooey. But please bear with me.)

It was a first time for me. First time that I was the “boss”, that I was on top of everything. First time that an entire show has been placed solely on my shoulders. Interestingly, I had to get to grips with how much power and authority I actually possess being the boss, the pilot of the plane. I called the shots, I ran the show. I could do everything that I wanted.

But at the same time, I had to face a myriad of responsibilities and demands, which all have piled up week by week during the preparation season. (Absolute buzzkiller, hey!) Demands from the show itself, from the theme and design, from the group’s purpose, and every single individual’s personal goals. I had to measure up to the group’s standards, my head directors’ standards, the parents’, the audience’s, to my own standards; and somehow find the right balance between all of those.

At one point, It was all just elusive. Listening to and looking over what everybody was saying and expecting, how on earth would you do it? How would I cater for everyone’s needs? How would I wedge everybody’s favourite songs in an 80-minute repertoire? How would I do all these without losing my identity and personal touch? How far could I take it?

It was fearful. It was difficult. There were times when my mind would just go blank, that all the complications around would just swoop me out of my disposition, and got me floating flaccidly with the clouds, pie-faced. Revisions were endless. There were at least twelve drafts produced before we locked in the final songs and their order in the setlist. If a particular number didn’t work (in terms of music and/or impact), then it needed to be either replaced or completely cut, regardless of the hours spent in preparing, arranging and polishing it.

As the director, I had to turn limitations into possibilities, and into actual acts. I had to enable the kids to work and succeed on their own pace, but without sacrificing the desired artistic quality; and making sure that only their strengths and passions were displayed on the night, and nothing that could vitiate their image as budding artists. It was also my job to look after their motivation, their engagement and enjoyment in the project. I mean, they’re kids still. You gotta give them a reason to stay focused and driven.

Oftentimes, it would just feel like the project was in a precarious state. Criticisms were getting too hurtful and alarming. Everybody was feeling exhausted. But then, there’s no turning back anymore because the date has been set, the venue’s been booked, the ad’s been released, people have been informed about it. So quitting was never quite an option at all. There were lots of frustrations, arguments, breakdowns. But we had to stick together and believe that it will all work out in the end.

Alright, for a supposedly “experienced”, “professional” person like me, I’m sure everything that I just said would just sound lame and dumb. You could be thinking, “Oh, what is wrong with this guy? He should know what he’s doing! He’s already done heaps of that! He’s already earned a lot under his belt. He should be ashamed of himself.”

I mean, I’ve been in several productions before, directed music for a lot of events and stuff. But for some reason, this one’s quite different. It felt like I went miles and miles down to zero, and start everything from scratch—and starting from scratch never felt so intense and gruelling. I was bogged down on the ground with all the clutters and scattered pieces, and I had to assemble them all together right along with my own self.

Now, I’m sorry if all those sounded so melodramatic. It was not the intention! You might even think that I am exposing my own weak side. Well, you may think that but it’s precisely what happened. And you can’t succeed until you learn how to face your weaknesses. I am a work in progress who is currently going through a rigorous state of refinement before I can self-actualise. And the best thing to do while in this phase is to be open, honest and accepting of your own flaws and limitations; and just be teachable. Strip away the prejudice and the inhibitions. Shut up and just do it!

When you saw the show, it may have looked so smooth, so easy and simple. Yet behind all the fun and fluidity were the many challenges, failures and hardships experienced individually and as a group. But like what I said, I believe that the group managed to pick ourselves up, and overcome the hurdles, and proved that determination will enable us to survive.

And I am just very proud of our kids who have displayed determination, maturity and stamina in order to deliver a good show. Of course, they’ve done that the past year for Wait For It and have succeeded in a lot of ways. But this time, I have witnessed it first hand, and got involved in many of their personal struggles, insecurities, uncertainties, confusions. Nevertheless, not one person gave up. Not one person stepped back and chose comfort and convenience. Everybody was on board regardless if rehearsals were demanding, boring, uncomfortable; even though their Kuya Rie nagged, complained and criticised nonstop.

I will also never forget how incredible it is to be mentored by our head directors, Tito Ferdie and Tita Geraldine “Ging”, who we normally call the Master Yoda-Queen Bae tandem. This time, I felt like a kid sitting on their lap, listening attentively to their stories, lectures and important lessons that have become my nourishment in this journey. They did not give up on me, and they choose to deal with my tantrums and crack-ups.

I cannot imagine doing this venture without them. I cannot imagine myself finishing anything without their invaluable say. They were the lifeline of this project, of this group. They’re the flickering rhythm you see on the cardiac monitor after someone got revived from a near-death scene—that after you see it, you know that you are safe, the chaos is over. They are my doctors. They are my role models. They have become Mom-and-Dad.

Again, I will never get tired of thanking our amazing parents for the indubitable and unrelenting love and support. They drove us to rehearsals, prepared our meals, opened up their homes for rehearsals, spent their weekends and lots and lots of time helping in the production and making sure that we didn’t get hungry and dehydrated. I wish I could state everything in detail to express how thankful we are. They are our champions!

Many could be wondering why a long-af essay as a backstory for a 1.5 hour long gig. It’s just a gig. Well, we in Filozart, do not just prioritise the end product of our undertakings. We value and and attach so much importance to the creative process—everything that is discovered, learned, experienced and solidified throughout this stage. It is where connections are formed, relationships are strengthened, and bonds are treasured. It is what we all remember and take home with us after the lights have gone out and the curtains closed. It’s what engenders growth. It’s what whips up the motivation to become bigger, better and bolder. It’s what makes us Filozart.

rie manaloto unplugged 2

Rie Manaloto



This post was originally published on the FilOz-Art Facebook page the day after the concert. I thought I’d share it here as well.

DSCF6774 (1)

Massive ‪#‎THANKYOU‬ to every single individual who came and supported ‘‪#‎UNPLUGGED‬: Your songs, your playlists, your music’ last night at Pabico Club 55! We absolutely had a blast!

We saw a lot of familiar faces in the audience last night. Thank you for coming to see the youth again! Thank you for making Filozart’s second project for the year another huge success! We value your support always!

And of course, we will never get tired of saying thanks to our incredible parents for the unrelenting love and support. They were the ones who made this show possible for all of us. We love you for life! 

Here’s to many more projects for Filozart in the coming years! Here’s to bigger, better, bolder achievements and successes in the future!

In the trailers

The long wait is over. #UNPLUGGED is finally happening tomorrow! Filozart Youth is all set and stoked to bring you another product of our passions and hardships.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 11.59.03 am

Over the few months of working on this project, the gang has experienced so many things–fun, failure, unending revisions; our patience and our potentials have been tested, questioned, and challenged. We were criticised enormously, punched on every side, pushed to our limits. Again, it was the time this sequence of events has to take place for this venture to succeed.

And I absolutely believe that we got through it, that once again we managed to overcome these challenges, and kept our passion and love for what we do. And it behooves us to thank our parents for the relentless support and guidance all throughout this short but strenuous journey. There’s no way to repay them for their many efforts and sacrifices to make this event possible.

That being so, you all need to come and see the show! We’re very excited to share with you our songs and our stories. It’s going to be a night of fun and jam. So make sure that you do not miss this event!

I got you a few teaser-trailers that we have produced from our rehearsal days, and to also help you get to know our kids. We tried to give them at least 30 seconds of fame! And although what stands out is the weirdness and unlikeness of the group, we assure you that we will try our best to act “normal” on the night!


#UNPLUGGED: Your Songs, Your Playlists, Your Stories.
Friday, 20th of November at Pabico Club 55, Mount Druitt
Doors open at 6:00 PM



Rie Manaloto

Sneak peek at #UNPLUGGED rehearsals

Can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve been preparing for the last two months! Filozart brings to you “#UNPLUGGED: Your Songs, Your Playlists, Your Stories” and it’s this Friday, 20th of November at Pabico Club 55. Doors will open at 6pm.

Join us in a night of acoustic jamming and some live d&m. You wouldn’t wanna miss this terrific night!

Rie Manaloto


First #UNPLUGGED featurette

Here’s the first online video teaser for our November gig, #UNPLUGGED! We thought we’d give you a sneak peek at our rehearsals! Seriously, seriously exciting! Indulge on a soulful musical experience. Relive some of your most memorable stories.  Book your tickets now! Rie … Continue reading

Your love songs #UNPLUGGED

Ladies and gents, the kids will be at work again to bring you #UNPLUGGED. Our aim is to bring you your favourite love songs that reflect your life stories and soundtracks with a new and delightful sound–all acoustic, all #unplugged.

This is going to be a special night of live acoustic music, jam, nostalgia and some d&m, or heart-to-heart if you like.

Book your tickets now because they’re pretty limited! Again, this is Filozart’s first ever gig, so it must be extrafun and extraspecial. See poster for important details. Hope to see you guys there!

Rie Manaloto unplugged

Rie Manaloto


This November: #UNPLUGGED

And our youth is at it again! Come and see Filozart’s very first gig we have called ‪#‎UNPLUGGED‬. Join us, jam with us and enjoy a night of acoustic music and heart-to-heart.

Watch out for updates on Filozart’s Facebook page. See poster for details. Book your tickets now!

Rie Manaloto