Port Stephens Experience Pt. 2

At long last! Here’s the part 2/2 of our Port Stephens vlog posted on Filozart’s Facebook page.

Heads up though, it includes a few scenes and themes that might be too weird or random for a regular person’s perception. Do not be freaked out though, it’s just us.

Rie Manaloto


Port Stephens Experience Pt. 1

Last weekend was absolutely an unforgettable one! Our Filozart family went out on a trip going north. It was a holiday destination called BIG4 Karuah Jetty Holiday Park up in the Port Stephens region.

IMG_7494 (1)




12308335_10153788879131468_6155492333847101533_n (1)

It was a fantastic place to relax. Beautiful environment—very low key and nonchalant. Great cabin accommodation and satisfying facilities. The best part of it for me was just the air—it’s just different, a lot more pacifying. Very mollifying for my current state, really.




IMG_7511 (1)

It’s hard to sum up the fun and the experience. But it is well represented in this vlog, which will come in two parts. (It’s become a habit for us to vlog and document all the pleasure and enjoyment however random it may turn out to be.)

Rie Manaloto