To Hogwarts and back!


Finally in my black robe. It’s incredible. The material is impeccable. I just imbibed being a graduate so profusely, primarily because of how I felt while wearing it, however uncomfortable and hefty it was. Most importantly, it made me feel like an envoy from Hogwarts. HAHAHA! But really, it did make me feel like a fulfilled man.

I have officially finished my Bachelor of Music degree. Ah, this momentous life shift.

I’m afraid I wasn’t able to pen a parmesan-filled graduation message. But I’d like to express my inexplicable joy and gratitude to everything and every single person that have made this possible.

It has been an amazing journey, really. And I just feel very humbled and moved by all the support and love coming from my family, friends, amazing colleagues, my inspirations, and even my detractors. You have made it all worthwhile.

And to my Maker and Mentor, this one’s for you! I owe you big-time. And I give you back all the glory and all that’s beyond it! SOLI DEO GLORIA!

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 7.17.54 PM




Rie Manaloto