Day 5 and the sun was out again. It was a pretty stifling day. But anyway, let’s plunge into a pool of good vibes by talking about my all-time favourite films.  I decided to have my “heroine” or “woman of the hour” movie list that stars my favourite actresses in the biz. Love these women.

These are the films that I never, never get sick of, or maybe I can never get enough of. It’s like every time I sit to watch these flicks I would normally still be laughing so hard at every single punch line or cry at the dramatic parts even if I already knew the turn of events, or maybe knew every single line, camera angle or the actor’s facial expression and delivery by heart.

Again, the selection is very off-the-cuff. This list is not even complete. I wish I had more time to write this.

(Disclaimer: I guess I might not have the best taste in movies. But these ones that I picked are those that entertained me the most regardless of the value or essence you think each of them possess. At the end of the day, it all boils down to personal taste and/or preference. I need not to be judged incongruously or perhaps, looked down based on my taste of motion pictures. I’m sure you’d feel the same.)

And so here are some of the items in my “Woman of the Hour” list:


Yentl (1983)


-I get to have a severe LSS for the songs in this movie. It has so much depth, so much heart, so much meaning. It really expresses the very essence of the story (i.e., the fight for equality and acceptance) that is very well reflected thru great characterisation, the captivating story, splendid music, poignant libretto and altogether, a marvellous masterwork. I was astonished to know that Barbra herself directed this movie. However, I’m a bit fazed by Barbra’s underacting. Her facials are too restrained and she seems too latched onto her co-actors who are just furiously amazing. Nonetheless, Yentl makes such a drop-dead handsome guy, some kind of a dreamlover. Favourite scene: Papa Can You Hear Me scene, Piece of Sky finale, No Wonder scenes, The Talmud session scene.


Sister Act 1 and 2 (1992, 1993)


-This is an all-time classic. Sister Act for me is a major phenomenon in film history. These two instalments are unsurpassed for the heartwarming comedy, uncountable L-O-L moments, and simply an awe-inspiring story. And of course, they come from the Whoopi Goldberg cinematheque which are always expected to be fantastic. She’ll just make you watch these films unstoppably, over and over again. However, the soundtrack is a lot more fun and brilliant on the second one. You know, the soul and funky tunes of that era. Favourite scene(s): (1) Dining table scene, choir rehearsal scene, Hail Holy Queen scene, Deloris failed execution scene. (2) Joyful Joyful scene, Oh Happy Day scene, First day in the classroom scene, Mary had a little lamb scene.


She’s The Man (2006)


-This movie is just plain cool. I probably watched it for more than 10 times already. It’s very much set apart from the average teenage movies out there. Light-themed, pretty decent in the aspects of adolescent romance, lots of good-looking screen actors and actresses, good movie soundtrack, very good sense of colloquialism in the script. Most especially, I like Amanada Byne’s charisma on screen. Despite the negative reviews thrown at it, this film’s got tons of good laugh’s for me and it is purely entertaining. Favourite scene(s): Dumping scene, spider in the room scene, Lab scenes, Soccer match scene


Burlesque (2010)


-This was Christina Aguilera’s first feature film. And you know I like everything C/A. Although, the movie plot is pretty rubbish, and half of the time you’d see half-naked, uber sexy women flaunting their breast sizes on stage, I think it’s a pretty good attempt of reliving a classic (kind of cliché) rugs-to-riches story situated in a Cabaret or Mouline Rouge-like sphere. The winning gear of this movie is the soundtrack of course! The musical and theatrical productions within the movie are its champion components. It’s Christina so there isn’t a need to explain further. Never got tired of watching it. Favourite scene(s): Tough Lover scene where Christina is dressed as a sexy policewoman; Express scene; Show Me How You Burlesque Finale.


The Heat (2013)


-This is a pretty new flick, but I’ve already watched it quite a few times already, and gosh, it would always have the same effect on me every time. I go plain nuts. The Bullock and McCarthy tandem is the best ever! You have to see it so you’ll understand what I mean. Favourite scene: Pretty much all the times these two are together. It’s a comic riot!






The Call (2013)


-This movie stressed me out thoroughly. I was emotionally drained. It’s like I was in the perils of the entire setting. For me it has one of the best psycho thriller, jump-out-of-your-seat scenes ever, although the ending kind of turned out very predictable, clichéd and seriously could’ve been improved. Halle Berry’s performance is just tremendously gripping. It was an arduous job for sure but it was so effective she managed to make you feel whatever she was feeling in every kind of situation. This is a clever take on abduction films. Favourite scene: The entire call scene, especially when Jordin realises that the serial killer who kidnapped Casey was the same killer who murdered her previous caller.