From my vault

I had a quick dig. I was riffling thru my virtual sketchbook, and realised how much stuff I got in there that I haven’t formally shared yet. And so, I got you some of my favourite works–nothing quite stupendous or virtuosic. You know I am not that (or trying to be) in this matter. These stuff fall under my “visual journals” created a couple of years ago. Feel free to leave comments and what not.

Dame by Rie Manaloto, Graphic line art, 2013

“Dame” by Rie Manaloto, Graphic line art, 2013. I remember doing this for Mother’s Day, and hence inspired by my mother. This was also a part of my 21 Project.


Souled by Rie Manaloto, Graphic illustration, 2013

“Souled” by Rie Manaloto, Graphic illustration, 2013. I gotta say that I was obsessed with Yeng Constantino for quite a long time that she was the subject of every single illustration I did. She personally saw and double-clicked this on Instagram when I posted it.


When Her Hair Was Red by Rie Manaloto, Graphic illustration, 2013

“Fiery as Red” by Rie Manaloto, Graphic illustration, 2013. Another Yeng-inspired illustration that was also viewed and double-clicked by Yeng on Instagram. This was also a part of my 21 Project.


Strait-laced by Rie Manaloto, Graphic abstract, 2013

“Strait-laced” by Rie Manaloto, Graphic abstract, 2013. This was a self-portrait, influenced by what I can remember was a very strong feeling of suppression that surfaced during that time.

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Seeing Australia Day in a Different Light


Land of the Favoured and Free

Happy Australia Day! Today we celebrate our greatness and recognise our common bond and unique diversity down under.

I feel so privileged and blessed to be living in this country, the land of the favoured and free. I am thankful to be living in a country where I can freely express myself, speak out my faith and beliefs.

For the past how many years, Straya has been truly home. It has given me so many opportunities in so many aspects of life. I can’t imagine what I could’ve become if I wasn’t brought here in this land. And it just gratifies me every time I look back and see how far I have come along, how much I have learned, and how fortunate I have really been.

It’s that time of the year when we get to pause for a moment and just reflect on what it means to be living in a land truly abounding in nature’s gifts and beauty rich and rare.

However, today isn’t only about celebrating everything that’s great in Australia and being thankful for the new lease on life. I really believe that it is also the time to emphasise the need for a strong and consistent intercession for Australia and its people for the good of the entire country. We must continue to pray for our government, the Prime Minister, the country’s leaders, lawmakers, peacemakers and all the individuals that run the nation. Let us all pray for wisdom and discernment, for good will, peace, unity and direction amongst all the people in authority.

Let us pray that this country continues to seek God and His will, to love and to serve Him, and to be heading always towards the right direction where He can be found and where His name is glorified.

Let us not stop praying for the military, for the soldiers, the people who guard our borders. Let’s pray for safety and protection in fervent hope that there will no longer be fighting and warfare.

In a place of thankfulness, let us continue to pray for the people, that we will all just live in peace and learn how to love one another and embrace our diversity. May we get to know ourselves more by knowing and focusing on God and His love and always putting Him first in everything.

And for the things that are beyond our control, let us always remember to cast our troubles on God’s shoulders and give Him our earnest faith and trust because He holds everything in His hands and has a plan for everybody. His will and His goodness shall always prevail.

Above all, I wish everyone a God-infused year and a peaceful and prosperous life this 2014! Happy Australia Day, my mates!




Yeng’s Purple Hair

Yeng’s Purple Hair

Gone from red to ash blonde then finally to purple. Pop-rock Princess Yeng Constantino seems to have become a real trendsetter. She knows how to wear newness and queerness in a very beautiful and cool way. LOL However, I must … Continue reading

A Christmas reflection

A Christmas reflection

Beyond all the yuletide fun, christmas shopping, massive clearance sales, Santa and the reindeers; foods, decors, toys and all that, there’s the story of JESUS—the Christmas kid who happens to be the Messiah, the Saviour. They say that the 25th … Continue reading

Just Another Rehearsal Day

Loads of fun and brainwork at rehearsal. Man, how time flies! We are only a couple of weeks away from performance day. We were too diligent to be in uni rehearsing during the intra-session break. How good it actually made us feel! Ha-ha!

Photo session! Simply 'cause we need it for the blog! Ha-ha!

Photo session! Simply ’cause we need it for the blog! Ha-ha!

Looking over the overall impact and quality of the performance, the team had to consider the helpful suggestions and insights put forth by the people in our class during the workshop. It was kind of thrilling to try out some new things and to tweak some parts a bit so it would create a better effect. We know that there is still a lot to engineer in terms of structure, dynamics and overall impact. We have scheduled our last filming day (plus general rehearsal) next Friday to continue to polish and memorise our parts.

We can never let a day pass without photobooth-ing. We believe in the saying that "Crazy is creative."

We can never let a day pass without photobooth-ing. We believe in the saying that “Crazy is creative.”

One of the highlights of this day was actually lunchtime! Funny how we had our “lunch break” first, before actually rehearsing. We also discovered that our Amabelle is a great cook! Her thoughtfulness is as sumptuous as the very special homemade lasagne she prepared for us. It’s definitely saying hello to truckloads of kilocals to burn! Nevertheless, it was just so finger-licking good and we had quite an amazing time!

How could lasagne taste this good! And there is one word to describe it: heavenly. Quoted from Gerielle.

How could lasagne taste this good! And there is one word to describe it: heavenly. Quoted from Gerielle.




Worskhop Day

Finally, the day of our workshop presentation has come into full view. The day was scheduled for presenting a substantial portion of our work in progress. Definitely, a nerve-racking one. The team, I must say, was well prepared, and pretty much presented 80 percent of the overall project. The first part comprised the first two minutes of the film, still not scored (because we’re opening doors for suggestions, insightful ideas, etc from the class). The second bit was the skit and live music in which all the action took place!

Setting up the stage a few hours before the workshop. We were literally chasing after the tech guy to grab the equipment we needed. Our stage setup only mounts a table, four chairs and many different objects on the table to be able to produce sounds.

The performance gained a combination of really complimentable, helpful and hypercritical feedback(s). All in all, these comments surely have stirred up our brains and helped us improve our present material. There were really interesting stuff some people have pointed up, like the use of a can of Pringles as an instrument. Quite cool, huh? Oh, well. We’re hoping to finish everything not less than a couple of weeks before performance day.



I Think It’s a Dry Run

We are now really getting so close to the workshop day! It is our second rehearsal day (or probably the last of the most comfortable ones) and we finally got to deliberate clearly and profusely the things that we will be carrying out in the next few days through the workshop day. We have all come in to create, conceptualise, strategise, brainstorm and plan what to present on Thursday. Everyone’s role for the performance is defined as well, because it is one of the ‘confronting’ questions that is normally asked by the lecturer. And I am just so happy to be in a group that is dynamic, proactive and creative to a great extent. Hallelu, sistah!

We just sat down and pressed on with the material for almost four hours straight! It was heaps fun, however thoroughly exhausting! Going above and beyond!

We just sat down and pressed on with the material for almost four hours straight! It was heaps fun, however thoroughly exhausting! Going above and beyond!

The live performance is partly improvised, partly structured. We love improvisation! I personally think that it is an extremely creative process that all musicians (and all other artists of any kind) need to learn and master. It is where your mind’s biological sense of imagination and spontaneity are unfettered and you get lost in the material. Improvisation for me is an enormous part of what makes a musical performance supremely special. I think it is the lifeblood of music.

The team has not come up with a title for the group’s performance, although ideas and insights are being raised. Hopefully it’ll sound as cool as how the production will look and sound like. What we got to do now is to just memorise our parts and take it all to heart so it will come out natural and real.


And may I just say that this is the icing on the cake for me after the this long, productive day! I have always been grateful for Japanese connections who are extremely generous and gracious! I am beyond pacified.