My Sassy Señorita

alexg4Smitten like a perky kitten. I am just head over heels for this woman that she is on the top spot of my classic “Indefatigably-thinking-of” list alongside JLaw, Sarah G, and Toni G among others.


She is simply one-of-a-kind. Her beauty and charm can’t be easily described as they are stitched together in a very unique and exceptional way, not to mention her smashing wit and sparkling personality.


Fervently wishing of meeting her one day to maybe have a jam or two, or perhaps a D&M sesh as it seems like she is someone you’d really love to chat and share insights with.


Insomuch as I didn’t want to instigate anything about this matter, Alex has pretty much all the qualities I love and are ideal in a woman. And to get to know her or someone like her would be an extraordinary delight.



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