Lighting is everything

Lighting can make or break you. Apparently.

This was an impromptu “photoshoot” with my brother, Andreo.

Man, I don’t know. But this was interesting.

Also, this was apparently done with low light, and high ISO. Whatever that means.

Rie ManalotoRie ManalotoRie ManalotoRie ManalotoRie ManalotoRie Manaloto

Original photos by Marcus Rivera and Bob Reyes

Rie Manaloto

24 at 24

I turn twenty-four today. That’s right. I’ve almost reached a quarter of a century basically. And yes I’m feeling kinda old. But honestly, I’ve never felt more mature, more wise, more courageous in my entire life.

And so I thought I’d share with everyone 24 life lessons I have learned–lessons that have helped mould and cultivate my identity as an individual, in my career and personal life. They are also insightful, meaty nuggets that I have learned from the people who matter to me; things that were taught and imparted by the ones I love and have become significant to me. I managed to write them in my own words, and the closest to the way my mind comprehends it.

This post is inspired by the “23 Painfully True Lessons You Learn By Age 23” by Thought Catalog. All the original photos I’ve used are from HD Wallpapers.

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The Grounds of Alexandria: not quite a review

Just by looking at this signage, I already knew that I was going to enter something special and out of the ordinary.

The title’s said it. This is not a resto review, or an Urban Spoon entry. I almost did not share this on the Artiste, but because of this place’s “unspeakable wonder”, I thought I’d put something up about it anyway.

Came here on a pretty extraordinary Friday, not to mention it was the first (and maybe the only?) Friday the 13th of the year. I had a very fun and reflective time with a very good friend and Ate, Ate Aileen. We thought we’d call it a “pre-valentines Fri-date”!

You might notice that I did not (or was not able to) take enough photos of the place, simply because I was literally awestruck I was almost gawking the entire time. It’s like everywhere I looked, there’s something flabbergasting to appreciate. Also, I don’t think I can write enough about it so I decided to simply share with you a few photos I took when I was there.

I am so not over this place. I’m definitely coming back.

Rie Manaloto