All right, it’s Day 3 but I seriously did not feel like blogging today. Maybe because I already had a long, tiring day in uni. Seriously, how do you (or could you) endure the 3-hour break between lectures in this really crappy, indecisive weather? Not to mention the lack of decent sleep, and the absence of coffee in my system (i.e., by firm choice).

But, fine. Since the topic today is about the thing(s) that make me happy (which I must say is an innately broad question), I had just put my answers in bullet points so they’re much easier to say, much easier to read. Pardon me for the sloppy, inconsistent writing. All the answers were very off-the-cuff. I was writing this during my breaks and finishing it on the train going home after an almost 12-hour first day back in my uni life.

Here’s the list:

  • Short stories and short films:  They’re usually the most creative masterworks one would ever perceive. They’re short, straightforward, thought-provoking, frequently unresolved; and most important of all, they’re a lot easier to devour. You can just get lost easily in the story without feeling bored or being forgetful of the scenarios that have happened earlier. Call them the ‘quickies’. I’m just a fan of short works (e.g., Tropfest films, short indie films all over Vimeo) that bring absolute enjoyment.
  • Film analysis: Firstly, this only applies to the flicks that I deliberately want and love to analyse. The determinants could be the featured actors, the story, the script, the movie genre, the historical context, the acting technique applied, or the issue that it is dealing with. I’m a lover of Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Lawrence. On a personal note, female actors are a lot easier to analyse simply because they are more emotionally driven and a lot more transparent than men, but it is always shrouded by so much sophistication and lots of complex nuances. And that is when analysing becomes more interesting for me. Kind of hard to articulate further.
  • Improvisation: This is mostly with music, especially in the jazz-blues-soul domain. However, the principle of improvising is quite vital in my own personal life. I get to enjoy the simultaneous and spontaneous fusion of freedom and creativity that happens realtime, knocking down any rule or restriction.
  • Collecting music albums: Seeing a glorious collection of the most amazing things in life brings a different kind of joy for an ultimate fan. FYI, I have all Christina Aguilera’s popular albums; all David Archuleta’s; all of my Regine Velasquez favourite’s and movie soundtracks; and many others’. Well, usually I only get the albums that really please me or really appeal to me, especially those of my head-over-heels-for music idols. But then, sometimes, even if I like an artist a lot but his or her recent release does not captivate me, I won’t bother purchasing it at all. I’ll probably just wait for the next one.
  • Reading self-development books: I think you already know this.  Continually seeking for practical and intellectual knowledge for cognitive development. This is where my handy bibles for memory improvement, talent cultivation and craft development become extremely useful. I hope they’re working.
  • Reading new knowledge books: I’m famished for new things every once in a while, especially the ones that can give you an edge to some extent, or the ones that will set you apart from the run-on-the-mill subject matters discussed on the net or at your local supermarket. The popular ones that I have are a couple of Rhonda Byrne’s works and a couple more from Daniel Coyle.
  • Learning new words everyday: Oh, this is very me. But really, who doesn’t want a wide vocabulary and a massive memory bank of unfamiliar words commonly used here and there everyday? I make sure that I get to learn at least one new English word a day and put that new word to use at least once. This makes me feel more informed, more knowledgeable. This practice somehow lessens the number of times I grab my dictionary when I’m reading any reading material that could contain outlandish terminologies.
  • Eating out and hanging out with friends: Who doesn’t like this? Who doesn’t feel happy about this? For someone so unsociable like me, this is such an overly tremendous privilege.
  • Movie marathons with family: Happens during holiday breaks. We could do it the entire day of almost every single day. Not to mention the mouth-watering, fresh-from-the-microwave smell of  butter flavoured popcorn that completes the marathon experience.
  • Chatting with my favourite teachers: They are my biggest inspirations, my role models. It’s like every time I chat with them even off campus, I learn so many brilliant ideas and insights which I find essential in refining my way of thinking. They are just incredible and they make me want to become like them someday.
  • Sketching: This is not new to everyone. I guess I can say that I have my personal sketching style, or artistic language that I’m sure not everyone can understand or appreciate. But I do it just for pure pleasure anyway. My style is a very personalised version of a mishmash of styles such as abstract and  minimalism. Love line art, too!