Visiting an old friend

The Opera House. This place is still breathtaking to me. Seriously, how do you get over it?

Rie Manaloto

Anyway, I was here today to see Yiruma in concert. Finally! So thankful I managed to grab a ticket this time after I missed his first sold out concert a couple of years ago. I remember the tickets were selling like pancakes at the time. Perhaps, I wasn’t quick enough to buy myself a seat.

Even after arriving late because of the freaking track work, it was still an fantastic experience.

His music is colourful and sublime. Hearing and feeling it live, I was moved. I was mesmerised.

For the most part, it’s simple but it draws you in. It speaks to your soul with gentleness and sensitivity. Hence, I was hooked.

Yiruma also never used a single chart for his concert. Apparently, he doesn’t want and ever need any. He wants to deliver his music in the most outright and genuine way possible. How awesome is that?

Taking photos and videos were not allowed (of course), so as far as visual memoirs are concerned, I don’t have a lot to share. But what he made me feel and experience, it will surely linger for a long while.

Photo taken during the intermission.

Rie Manaloto

alas dos y medya

Transitions. Quite a familiar site. A place I have known for so long, I have known too well.

And it feels like I have never left that area. Not that it’s my favourite place.

But it seems fixated within the fabrics of my being.

Every filament breathes out a different story, every crossway speaks of change.

Each endeavour, each hope meticulously interwoven with the fibres of time.

And I walk the tedious walk, along the perpetual intersections.

One transition after another.



THE 31-DAY BLOG CHALLENGE Day 1: Self Portrait + 5 Random Facts



The first day asks for a self portrait and five random facts about myself. So, there you go:



You know I’m never a fan of selfie’s so I just sketched a random kid as my self portrait




1.  I love that Farmer’s Best Avocado and Bacon dip you can purchase from Woolies. For some weird reason, it tastes like Jolibee’s Pancit Palabok in creamy dip form. I know, it’s startling. Go try for yourself.




2.  I have a massive collection of eBooks stored in my computer. That huge collection includes: music stuff, music theory, singing, piano playing, self-development books, dummies books, brain science, psychological development, trivia books, popular Christian writers’ books, acting books, English proficiency books, contemporary literature, coffee, chocolate and many more. I could set up a virtual library! I wish I could have the time to read them all.




3.  I have Ailurophilia. Ailurophilia means a strong liking for cats. It’s self-explanatory. That’s my cat, Peping, just chilling with his best friend, the box.



4.  I love Adobo!!! My version of Adobo adds in potatoes, mixed herbs, a bit of honey, tbsp’s of brown sugar, and chicken salt (There are some ingredients that I did not intend to reveal and shall remain shrouded in secrecy within the confines of my kitchen kingdom). I call it an American-ised Adobo. Just cause of the inclusion of the ingredients foreign to the original recipe. Plus, it is always best served either with hard boiled eggs or quail eggs.



5.  I used to write Tagalog poetry when I was still in the Phils. I think I had lost the knack to do it because of the inescapable (although, not absolute) change of culture and environment. I doubt if I was able to keep some of my previous (very amateur but pretty promising) Tagalog writings I penned ages ago.