Chilling on Pinterest and I was surprised to find my sketch from not more than 2 years ago. It’s a fan art I submitted to the Les Miserables page, which gained some public attention. Find it here.

eponine watermark

A very simple, minimalist, designer’s sheet-inspired digital watercolour art. (That line has used at least 5 adjectives)


eponine les mis page

Screen-capped from the Les Mis page. All in all the post gained more than 1K ‘likes.’ Not that ‘likes’ still matter.


eponine watermark 2

Here’s the second artwork that didn’t make it to the page.

Éponine by Rie Manaloto


8th of October

I’m pretty sure all of us have that one friend (or maybe a bunch of them) who’s long gone but is never forgotten. And this friend, who’s been probably gone for some ten long years now, still owns a very special place in my heart. Her smile and her sweet voice remain strongly in my memory. And every time the calendar tells me that it is her birthday, I can never take it for granted. I will always have to make sure I think about her, and let all our friends know, and tell them to do the same. It’s always been like that in the last ten years. And we miss her just the same.

Happy birthday to that long-gone-never-forgotten-and-forever-missed friend who has gained early citizenship in heaven, Pam! You may be dimensions away from us but we know that you are at home with our Lord. (Pamela Jean C. Luarca, 1992-2004)




Photo from Pinterest.

Rie Manaloto