Bare & Unaccompanied

Just when I thought I got nothing else better to do, I suddenly found myself setting up a SoundCloud account. Yes, I finally got SoundCloud! Somebody told me that apparently, there’s an unwritten law that if you’re a muso, you gotta have it.

And because I’m in exploratory mode (and actually pretty bored) at the moment, I thought I’d sign up. But I have one important note about how I’ve approached it.

I call all my recordings “Bare & Unaccompanied”. They are all sung a cappella to capture the raw sound of my voice–messy and untouched. No high-tech, professional equipment is used to record the songs but my ever loyal and diligent MacBook.

This is all to help promote and encourage honesty in showcasing and developing raw, unsullied talent; that artistic greatness can be achieved even without the use of ‘digital enhancers’. I see myself as one of those artists who eschew such elements like autotune and caustic musical editing just to make flimsy, mediocre stuff sound like ‘actual’ music; not to mention the people who lip-sync, to which Lea Salonga says, “Unless they’re on their deathbed, I have no respect for that.”

So anyway, here’s the link to my SoundCloud. It could have some of your fav tunes. Have a listen to some of them:


Rie Manaloto