The 21 Project

21 collage

21 is a mini-project that is a product of a newfound passion, sketching. An artwork was posted everyday for 21 days before I finally turned 21. Still a beginner in this kind of stuff. These caricatures or virtual paintings are of the people, events and things that inspire me, influence me, infuriate me, or of anything at all that affects me in any way. This undertaking was inspired by a self-portrait project called “365 before 30” by Ala Paredes.

Artwork titles:

  1. The Vice
  2. Apathetic
  3. Statuette
  4. Pandesal sa Umaga (Morning Bread)
  5. Inang Bayan (Motherland)
  6. Dame
  7. A Guy’s Obsession
  8. Chagrined
  9. Confessions
  10. A Girl from the Past
  11. Self-portrait
  12. The Magnificat
  13. Chinita
  14. Gethsemane
  15. The Zealot
  16. Ang Batang Kalye (The Street Child)
  17. Neurosis
  18. Fiery as Red
  19. Crowning Glory
  20. Schadenfreude
  21. Pulchritude





Copyright © 2013 Rie Manaloto. All rights reserved.

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